A Breath of Fresh Prana!

Welcome to my new website and blog!

To be honest, folks, I've resisted seriously diving into social media for some time now.. I've been holding onto this belief that I can convey whatever I need to out in the "real world". Although, I still believe in human connection, I recently had a convincing conversation with a dear friend on the use of social media that totally flipped my perspective. With their viewpoint, the cobwebs of doubt and resistance were wiped from my vision and I am now able to see that all of this stuff - blogs, tweets and instathings - can be a beautiful and powerful means of sharing all that is good in our worlds. Through sharing we realize how connected we are in our longings and search for beauty, health, happiness, freedom and love.

This blog will be dedicated to sharing my personal failures and triumphs on the path that is not always easy but at least entertaining. Please feel free to leave comments, questions and concerns so that we can keep the dialogue rolling while nudging each other along in our journeys.